Thursday, August 19, 2010

Money Management

One of the most common problem many couples suffer from is fighting over their different view in money management .  My husband and I are no different. I am a true believer in ZERO debts, and so claimed my husband. I tried very hard to keep to my words, so the only debt I have currently is my mortgage and car payment for my husband`s car. On the other hand, my husband has reached record low on debt, which is his one and only credit card. I have known my husband for 8 years, when I first known him, his debts was so great, he was diving in it every day.
When it comes to Money, I am the most stingiest person I know. I am the most unwelcome person in a birthday party or  secret Santa party. On the other hand, my husband is great when it comes to gifts. He has bought me a digital piano, the most gorgeous brand name bags, brand name purse, Mac, Macbook Pro, Ipod, cloths, etc for the last 6 years of our marriage.  Mind you, he did not start gifting expensive gifts until we were married.
He and I have separate bank accounts, and one join bank account to pay our common bills. Yet, I am usually the one end up paying for all the generous gifts I received. This is how to top off my frustration, he was able to max out his 5K credit card in a month time after I paid it off. Not to mention, there is a automatic monthly payment of $800 to that credit card.
What is the purpose for me to share my frustration? Many couple ended up divorce because of the situation I just mentioned because they felt betrayed, disappointed, trapped, and much more when they realized their situation after they were married. Difference in money management is so important that it should be discussed thoroughly for every couple who are seriously thinking about marriage. And one more thing, ones money management view does not easily changed. So if he or she does not change before getting married, he or she most likely will not change after getting married. Good luck!


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